For more than 28 years, Emerald Star Software has delivered innovative solutions to private, commercial and federal government customers.  Our team has worked together for many years and know how to deliver repeatable and successful solutions.  Each of our projects and each of our customers is critically important to us!

When you engage Emerald Star Software, you can have complete confidence that we will deliver the ideal solution to resolve your problem.  All of the systems with which we have ever been involved were successfully implemented – 100% of the time.  This far exceeds the IT industry average of less than 50% success rate and we are very proud of our exemplary track record!


  1. American Red Cross

  2. Discovery Legal Nurse Consultants

  3. Food and Drug Administration

  4. Merck Research Laboratories

  5. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  6. National Cancer Institute

  7. National Institutes of Health

  8. Northrop Grumman


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